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Meeting List Information Page

Thank you for visiting the Socalda Meeting List Page.
Here you will find information regarding current meetings in Southern California and other regions, contacts for most of those meetings, and how to notify the appropriate people in regard to meeting changes.

On most meetings you will see a contact person. That person is available to give you more information regarding the meeting itself and can be your first contact with a DA member if you are a newcomer.

Click on the Meeting List link below to download the latest PDF
of the Checks & Balances meeting list.

Meeting New/Changes/Closing Submission Forms

Please use the Online Meeting Change Form. Where you can submit information about a New Meeting, a meeting that has changes to it, or a meeting that is closing. Once you get to the Online Meeting Change Form page just fill-out the information and click submit. No downloading anything or printing anything out.

Meeting Information

Here are two resources Groups have found helpful

Group Inventory Guide:

Group Pressure Relief Guide:

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Click on the link below to get to the Debtors Anonymous Telephone Intergroup page. Where you can find all the telephone meetings available.

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